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  1. Streams don't know about encoding. You might better do with a TStreamReader. In its FillBuffer method there is some code taking care of your concern (look for ExtraByteCount).
  2. David Heffernan

    Reading large UTF8 encoded file in chunks

    https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56724326/find-longest-utf-8-sequence-without-breaking-multi-byte-sequences Self synchronisation is the keyword. Once you understand that then the code will emerge.
  3. Hi Kas, It is no different from the jeans sample I made. your sample test. I added 2 pictures windows and android. This problem is actually a charset table problem. Possibly differences in windows charset and linux android char sets. For this problem, Delphi had to come up with a solution. Example: At the start of the project, I started to think that there should be a setting like setwindows charset table. So what is the source of the problem why I need this 🙂 I use AES 256 bit and the same data should be the same in andorid and linux. https://github.com/Turan-Can/Delphi-Encryption-Compendium