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  1. What Remy's approach does is accomplish OO 'separation of concerns'--decomposing all the logic of 'Save' into those component parts which might be subject to independent change and testing. So while a bit more code initially, it's much more maintainable and reusable. The pattern is equally applicable whether the storage mechanism is a TList or a zillion record database--only the technical details of how find, inset, and update work need be addressed. The higher level application logic is stable because all the underlying technical details have been isolated out. bobD
  2. Angus Robertson

    Problem downloading GetIt package from GitHub

    If GetIt says it's trying to open a file on your local PC, that will be fixed by changing to online mode. It should be intelligent enough to recognise that error on it's and use online mode. Angus
  3. I don't have any experience with FMX but I suspect we need to understand whether the currently selected control can take other child controls. Unfortunately I don't have the time today to have a look at this but I will look into this.
  4. Hi there, this is another chapter of my daily issues with Apple: Suddenly the update of IPA to AppStore of an formerly running app failed, when using the Transporter. I usually keep my Transporter open for days and weeks, maybe that causes sometimes an issue. From my research for this error I found a few possible reasons and solutions in the web, where I've tried to re-boot my VM first. Solution: 1. Just relaunch Transporter app, or quit and re-enter it again. (not tested, but sound reasonable). 2. Try completely shutting down your device and then turning it back on and trying. (I've tried this one). 3. Check the matching case of the SKU for new apps: E.g. "com.company.appName" wasn't accepted. If changed to "com.Company.AppName", matching the AppStore entry, it works. Sometimes solutions can be so easy, but I hardly see the easy one's very often 😥
  5. Just my 2-cents worth - I prefer to use something more like this: type PDataRec = ^TDataRec TDataRec = record DataID: integer; DataName: string; end; var Data: TArray<TDataRec>; function FindRecord(aID: Integer): PDataRec; var i: Integer; begin Result := nil; for i := Low(Data) to High(Data) do begin if Data[i].DataID = aID then begin Result := @Data[i]; Exit; end; end; end; function AddRecord(aID: Integer): PDataRec; var vNewData: TDataRec; begin vNewData := Default(TDataRec); vNewData.DataID := aID; Data := Data + [vNewData]; Result := @Data[High(Data)]; end; function EnsureRecord(aID: Integer): PDataRec; begin Result := FindRecord(aID); if Result = nil then Result := AddRecord(aID); end; procedure SaveData1(aID: Integer; const aName: string); var pData: PDataRec; begin pData := EnsureRecord(aID); pData.DataName := aName; end;