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  1. @Stano, please try to post in English. For the time being I have inserted a google translation into your post. Feel free to enhance it.
  2. UPDATE: The book is now available in PDF at: https://wmeyer.tech/books I am working on an ebook version, but the book format is not a good fit for ebook, so I am having to rework the presentation a good deal. Probably a couple of weeks till I can have it ready.
  3. One of my former coworkers started to call herself the Little Indian (she was of Indian descend and really tiny) after she heard one of the developers talking about little endian vs. big endian format. Somehow it didn't get old, we had a laugh every time she said that (the reason possibly was that we were drunk most of the time, playing Total Annihilation after office hours) Those were the days ...
  4. Remy Lebeau

    Sending Email via GMail Using OAuth 2.0 via Indy

    FYI, this morning I checked in a new 'sasl-oauth' branch in Indy's repo, which includes a new 'IdSASLOAuth.pas' unit for SASL classes for OAUTH10A, OAUTHBEARER, and XOAUTH2 for TIdDICT, TIdPOP3, TIdSMTP, and TIdIMAP4. They are still a work in progress (ie, no parsing of response JSON yet), and you are responsible for obtaining the OAuth tokens externally (ie, over HTTP), but once you have the tokens then you can use these SASLs to login to the DICT/POP3/SMTP/IMAP servers.
  5. The new High DPI Form Designer in Delphi gives you the following choices: Low DPI (96) default Auto DPI FIxed DPI Choice sounds good, however none of the choices is satisfactory: Working with the Low DPI setting in a High DPI monitor is next to impossible given the minute size of the form. Auto DPI is the version control nightmare. If you have different developers working with different screen resolutions, or even one developer working on say sometimes on a desktop with a DPI 96 and sometimes on a high DPI laptop, every time you touch the form on a machine with a different resolution all the coordinates widths and heights of the components will change. Absolutely no go. Fixed DPI has the same issues as Low DPI. You set the Fixed DPI to match one of the screen resolution, but when you open the form to another computer the form will show either too big or too small. What I would like to have is Fixed DPI, so that you avoid the version control issues, but automatic scaling of the form into the Screen coordinates and back to the Fixed DPI when you save the form. I know that the scaling from one DPI to another and back may result in changes of the original values. But the scaling back to the Fixed DPI does not need to happen unless a control is moved or resized. Is it just me that have issues with High-DPI designer? @Marco Cantu @David Millington Your comments will be appreciated.