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Setting the drop down width of a Combobox in Delphi

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By default, the width of the drop down list of a TComboBox is the same as the width of the control itself, and even in the latest Delphi version there apparently is no property to set it.


Why is that so? Good question. There are probably many third party controls that offer this because it is rather simple to implement. But on the other hand, if it is that simple, why isn’t it a feature of the default control? It can really be a pain in the lower back that some entries are just not displayed correctly as seen in the picture above.

Setting the drop down width is as simple as sending the CB_SETDROPPEDWIDTH message to the control’s handle:

1 SendMessage(TheCombobox.Handle, CB_SETDROPPEDWIDTH, MinimumWidthInPixels, 0);


It does not allow to shrink the width of the drop down list though, because it sets the minimum width, not the actual width. There is this answer on StackOverflow for that particular problem. The result isn’t very visually appealing though, because the list is left aligned rather than right.



Read on in my blog post


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In most cases the widened list is of only limited benefit when the selected item doesn't fit into the edit field either.

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50 minutes ago, Attila Kovacs said:

because VCL is abandoned

hm. No. .. ? Why should it be?

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