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Davide Angeli

Several F2084 Internal Error on Delphi 10.4.2

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25 minutes ago, Rollo62 said:

I also would recommend NOT to install patch from IDE with "Close IDE and install YES/NO", and to select "NO".

I raccomend this too because in the first time I tryed to apply te patch I selected  YES and one of the patches was not applied. After strange errors (red text in cmd prompt) I read the patch logs and I discovered the the second patch did nothing but both of them result installed in the getit manager. So I unistalled both e reinstalled both selecting "NO" when getit ask me to close the IDE. Now I did the same with the third patch. This way of applying patches via getit is terrible but after few attempts I got the job done...


I raccomend also to pay attention to UAC prompt that in my case does not appear on top: I was waiting to the patch apply and because it tooks tool long (cmd window opened doing nothing) I noticed on the task bar the flashing icon of the UAC prompt.

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14 minutes ago, Rollo62 said:

But why is the new file in the patch then at all, if it doesn't have relevant changes ?

Is there any possibility that the "invisible" changes in the file could have an influence on the compiled output ?

I suspect someone did those "invisible" (Spaces) changes inadvertently and put it in version control making it to appears in the patch.


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3 minutes ago, FPiette said:

I suspect someone did those "invisible" (Spaces) changes inadvertently and put it in version control making it to appears in the patch.


Thats also what I hope.

I have never tested if BOM, Spaces or other strange UTF8/16 characters could infuence the compilers behaviour somehow.

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After a day of testing the update I make some considerations on the subject of this conversation: the internal error situation has definitely improved. Now in my case I have a more stable situation again.


Let's say that in my opinion this bug has exacerbated the underlying problems that exist in the management of Delphi project groups. I always work with an open group of projects and sometimes it happens, despite being positioned on a project, to compile another one (for example a dll used by the active project); I do it with the right click selecting the project in the project window. In this case, despite the patch, it has already happened to me a couple of times that the IDE went into error (an access violetion in dcc32270.dll) and then if I return to compile the active project I get the internal error in question again. However these now seem sporadic cases probably linked to internal problems in switching on the fly from one project to another.

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On 5/1/2021 at 1:50 AM, Vincent Parrett said:

So far so good. I turned LSP back on, was able to do a full build (100+ projects in the group) - then debug the main project, exit, change some code, compile and debug again. The IDE is using a lot of memory though.


Code navigation between projects is still broken for LSP (when only referencing dcp's) - so back to classic code insight it is. 

Same here, Code Insight with LSP is not working well, in most of case IDE can not find definitions... while "classic" code insite is working as expected.

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Here is the LSP working for most of the time.  so still some issues with newly added files now en then (especcialy when you drag/drop an existing source file to a project).

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