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Delphi TOIOBE index lifted in May 2022?

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this list is a nonsense stuff and has nothing todo with Delphi.

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TIOBE Index makes no sense (anymore). No idea if it ever id.


After the (first) software crisis a NATO conference in the late 1960s addressed this issue and one of the results was to establish various programming languages, domain driven ones especially. That's what all those rankings reflect nowadays, not more not less.


What can we say?


What we see today returned and in more sophisticated fashion.


Compilers were in the beginning. Over the years one lesser restricted technology (in the end) and programming languages were (re)introduced in order to get an idea of what people can/will do once compiler restrictions are gone.


After a strong period of (W)intel dominance the question, btw. an old one even on the 'very first' IBM computers that made it into public, the question arose 'What will happen if new and/or more specialized processors will show up'.  That was already pretty clear in the 1980s and 1990s and no surprise at all if we think of home computing. One direction hinted at compilers and portability and a second at virtual runtime environments, interpreted first and JIT-compiled & friends later.


What we see is, that no solutions was found until today. What we see is that the insanity ascribed to programmers moved away from the individual to technology engineers and language designers.


TIOBE index to a certain degree could hint at what combination will be tried out next and by whom or who has a fair chance to succeed.


Programming languages and technologies are not solely aimed at software engineers. Since no best way to address the everlasting changes 'underneath the programming language' and/or execution environment was found, feel free to use whatever you like. 


Outside the traditional world of customer/supplier relations freedom can be found at every corner today and the question if 'your programming skill are up to date' cannot simply be answered by a ranking of programming languages.

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ASM on position 8. Sure.

"The number of hits determines the ratings of a language." How asm ends up on position 8? 

their list of included pages are too weird. Sharepoint.com ? Just redirects to ms.


i first had the impression Tiobe stood for the number of queries in a month about a certain language, but apparently that's not the case. Pointless.

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