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  1. By default the IDE enables optimization and disables Range checking and Overflow checking. I've always found that odd, because I want the best possible compiler support for debugging which means: Optimization off Range checking on Overflow checking on
  2. +1 for @Dany Marmur except for specially optimized and proven to be good functions/units.
  3. Dany Marmur

    What are your compiler settings for debug builds?

    Range checking ON for ALL builds.
  4. rvk

    Delphi on Windows 10 HOME 64-bit?

    Those licenses could also be revoked after some time by Microsoft. You will never know beforehand. https://www.howtogeek.com/392080/cheap-windows-10-keys-do-they-work/
  5. Stefan Glienke

    Dynamic Test creation possible?

    Yes but the real question is: why do you want to switch to DUnitX when you have working DUnit tests already?
  6. dummzeuch

    How to disable automatic adding of units to interface-uses

    No, there is no such option. You could add a unit alias for it, that redirects to a unit that's already there, e.g. SysUtils. Then the unit would still be added to the uses list, but would not be compiled into the executable.
  7. Fr0sT.Brutal

    How to disable automatic adding of units to interface-uses

    The feature is unlikely could be disabled but you could try to cheat it. Just create empty unit FireDAC.FMXUI.Wait.pas inside your project's folder.
  8. stijnsanders

    ISAPI DLL MaxConnections

    I would consider setting this to 0. Unless you're sure you want your web service to halt when there are a lot of people at once, which seems like the very thing you'd like to avoid. In the work I've done with ISAPI (not using Delphi's own TISAPIApplication though, sorry) I just keep queueing incoming requests in a queue the thread-pool can take from with any worker thread that happens to be available for work... (Though I seem to have written a comment there to consider doing something when there's a lot of incoming requests...) The rationale would be that other things would fail first before your thing does: memory runs out, or network sockets run out, or IIS runs out of execution contexts (and throws 503 itself when it deems appropriate...
  9. Devart, a recognized vendor of connectivity solutions for various databases and cloud services, released the public beta of ODBC driver for NexusDB. The driver can be used to access data in NexusDB databases from various analytics, database management and reporting tools, IDEs and programming languages on Windows (32/64 bit): Excel, Power BI, Tableau, RAD Studio, Lazarus, dbForge Studio, RStudio, and many others. The vendor also notes that Devart ODBC driver for NexusDB provides full support for the standard ODBC API functions and data types and can connect to the NexusDB server directly via TCP/IP. It also supports multilingual NexusDB databases, be it Latin, Cyrillic, or Chinese. As an extra benefit comes cost-effective deployment: the driver is a standalone installation file that does not require the user to install or update any dependencies, while large organizations with hundreds of machines can use the silent install method with an OEM license. Users can download the new driver on the vendor’s website to test it for 30 days for free with the third-party tools. The driver is also available for pre-order. To learn more about the recent release, visit https://blog.devart.com/odbc-driver-for-nexusdb-beta.html About Devart Devart is one of the leading developers of database tools and administration software, ALM solutions, data providers for various database servers, data integration and backup solutions. The company also implements Web and Mobile development projects. For additional information about Devart, visit https://www.devart.com/.
  10. Attila Kovacs

    ISAPI DLL MaxConnections

    you are right, it wont. this is all what happens: if (FMaxConnections > 0) and (FAddingActiveModules >= FMaxConnections) then raise EWebBrokerException.CreateRes(@sTooManyActiveConnections); Calculating the max allowed concurrent user depends on many things and there is no exact formula. You could do some stress-test to see how the server works under load. This would also test how your dll and connection pool are performing, are there deadlocks, unexpected behavior, etc...
  11. Stefan Glienke

    This implementation is Thread-safe?

    No, they are not - apart from alignment as David pointed out it depends on the data type - string, interface or dynamic array assignments for example are far from being atomic.