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  1. I've never had a problem installing a bunch of component libs and then restarting Delphi afterwards. I don't understand why so many libs that GetIt installs require Delphi to be restarted after each one. And after it restarts, it doesn't even have the courtesy of leaving you back where you were when it initiated the restart.
  2. Uwe Raabe

    Konopka KSVC and Bookmarks now available for Syndey

    <irony>Indeed! Why just didn't they defer the 10.4 release until yesterday when KSVC was ready. That would have made everyone happy, wouldn't it?</irony>
  3. Aamgian

    How check VPN Active on Android?

    Thanks Dave, at least the VPN connection on the device can be known this code work i tested with android 9 and 10. function TPlatformConnectivity.IsVPNConnection: Boolean; var LManager: JConnectivityManager; LAllNetworks: TJavaObjectArray<JNetwork>; LCapabilities: JNetworkCapabilities; I: Integer; begin Result := False; LManager := ConnectivityManager; LAllNetworks := LManager.getAllNetworks; for I := 0 to LAllNetworks.Length - 1 do begin LCapabilities := LManager.getNetworkCapabilities(LAllNetworks[I]); if (LCapabilities <> nil) and LCapabilities.hasTransport(TJNetworkCapabilities.JavaClass.TRANSPORT_VPN) then begin Result := True; Break; end; end; end;
  4. Tom F

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    Kazantsev: GREAT write-up on the quality site! (I don't mean that sarcastically.)
  5. Sherlock

    Why does GetIt require Delphi to restart so often?

    @mvanrijnen That's the reason, yes. But! It should be possible to have a "Restart IDE after install" checkbox, and to be able to uncheck it, when you want to install several things, to then restart after all that, shortening the overall install time significantly.
  6. Konopka KSVC and Bookmarks are now available in GetIt for Syndey Edit: Navigator is also now available.
  7. Me too! It seems like such a trivial thing but my habitual typing is so ingrained to use Parnassus Bookmarks that I’m incredibly unproductive and frustrated without it.
  8. Attila Kovacs

    Konopka KSVC and Bookmarks now available for Syndey

    I'd be surprised if there was more changes than the compiler directives in the .inc file.
  9. Stefan Glienke

    Doubt about anonymous method

    Only testing the code yourself will show but I can smell a potential memory leak due to circular references caused by anonymous methods and capturing of the IOmniTask within itself - nested anonymous methods can be a bit nasty sometimes.
  10. Uwe Raabe

    Generic Interface implementation

    Support for Generics is still very basic in MMX, but improvements are on the TODO list. That said, use cases like yours are always very welcome.
  11. David Heffernan

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    Beta testing is no substitute for having your own comprehensive set of automated tests. Beta testing is best used to help identify issues with design. It really shouldn't be used to find implementation bugs. I hope that Emba don't do that. When Emba tell us that they are going to focus on quality, it comes with talk of how many QP issues have been resolved. But for me that misses the point. Unless they are also fixing the development process that allows so many bugs, they will remain stuck on the treadmill, running to stay still.
  12. Scott

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    Well I'm quickly coming to the conclusion the 10.4 is utter crap 😞 It keeps locking up and access violating. Seems like Embarcadero need to increase their Beta testing pool because this release is a real shocker. Back to 10.3 I go and the awesome FixPack
  13. Kyle_Katarn

    ICS v8.64 can't compile on Delphi 7

    One additional comment, in procedure TIcsFileCopy.SetMultiDirList (const Value: string) ; the following section in the var declaration I: integer ; aitems, afields: TStringList ; shall be protected by {$IFDEF COMPILER10_UP} as these variable are not used otherwise.
  14. Tom F

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    For years I used the ISO because I seemed to have problems with the web install. I know this release is supposed to unify the two installers and eliminate problems. However, I still used the ISO. And then I couldn't get GetIt to work to download CodeSite, etc. I asked about this at the GoToMeeting just now. I needed to RTFM. 🙂 Be sure to read the release notes (http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Sydney/en/Release_Notes) which state:
  15. I am very happy that FastMM5 is now available and also with the new licensing scheme. We plan to use it in our heavily threaded 64-bit http/socket servers. While I wouldn't have used it at all if it was GPL only, having a commercial offering at a reasonable price is actually more preferable because I like the idea of a properly maintained memory manager for our commercial products. There are plenty of free memory managers around for Delphi, that are barely maintained.
  16. Stefan Glienke

    Why does GetIt require Delphi to restart so often?

    Simply, because it obviously was designed poorly and assumes that every individual installation is an atomic thing that needs the restart not allowing you to install a couple more and only then restart.