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  1. Josep

    Google Charts in uniGUI

    Hello, I have published in github my components to generate charts in uniGUI using de Google Charts API. The components support the following types: Annotation Area Bar Bubble Calendar Candlestick Column Combo Diff Donut Gantt Gauge Geo Histogram Intervals Line Organization Pie Sankey Diagram Scatter Stepped Area Table Timeline Tree Maps Trendlines Waterfall Word Trees The library includes in demos folder the GChartsDemo project with several examples that show how to build the different class charts. When running the demo you can: Display the Delphi Code used to generate the Chart Click Google Guide button to see the official documentation of Google Charts. Click on the Chart to see fired events You can get the source code in https://github.com/JosepPages7/Delphi-GCharts
  2. Fr0sT.Brutal

    Maximum static memory

    Hereby I name this thread "Crystal ball challenge". No code shalt be shown as that makes etheric vision unclear
  3. Uwe Raabe

    Strange exception with "Write of address 00400000"

    In line TImageCollectionSourceItem.Create there is just a call to TWICImage.Create, which initiates a COM call CoCreateInstance. Perhaps there is something wrong with the specific combase.dll on that machine (faulty version, corrupted, infected).
  4. Just to end this thread, I finally got my digital certificate, and I'm signing my applications. I kept a false positive version of the product to test signing it. Well it did work. That version wasn't compiled with DEP or SEH, and signing solved the false positive too. Hopefully this thread will help others
  5. Hello, We're glad to announce the release of TsiLang Components Suite 7.9! Simple and powerful localization solution for software developers. It's virtually impossible to find popular software that would not be translated (localized) into multiple languages. In fact, even niche and second-tier developers localize their products to increase international sales. Unfortunately, the process of software localization is both time consuming and very expensive. Luckily, developers who use RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder platform can use TsiLang Components Suite to localize their software for worldwide distribution for a fraction of the usual costs. TsiLang Components Suite brings you the complete and universal solution to create multi-language or localized applications for ALL target platforms with minimal efforts! New version of TsiLang Components Suite introduces support for Embarcadero RAD Studio 11 Alexandria, TInternetTranslator component and much more... Description of new features and improvements available at: https://www.tsilang.com/whats-new/ Detailed description of TsiLang Components Suite is available at https://www.tsilang.com You can download a fully functional and no time-limit version from https://www.tsilang.com/download-tsilang-components-suite/
  6. corneliusdavid

    Regex help please..

    I think I would split the string on semicolons and run the regex on each individual address. function ValidEmail(const EmailAddress: string): Boolean; const EMAIL_REGEX = '^((?>[a-zA-Z\d!#$%&''*+\-/=?^_`{|}~]+\x20*|"((?=[\x01-\x7f])' + '[^"\\]|\\[\x01-\x7f])*"\x20*)*(?<angle><))?((?!\.)' + '(?>\.?[a-zA-Z\d!#$%&''*+\-/=?^_`{|}~]+)+|"((?=[\x01-\x7f])' + '[^"\\]|\\[\x01-\x7f])*")@(((?!-)[a-zA-Z\d\-]+(?<!-)\.)+[a-zA-Z]' + '{2,}|\[(((?(?<!\[)\.)(25[0-5]|2[0-4]\d|[01]?\d?\d))' + '{4}|[a-zA-Z\d\-]*[a-zA-Z\d]:((?=[\x01-\x7f])[^\\\[\]]|\\' + '[\x01-\x7f])+)\])(?(angle)>)$'; var Emails: TStringList; begin Result := True; Emails := TStringList.Create; try Emails.Delimiter := ';'; Emails.StrictDelimiter := True; Emails.DelimitedText := EmailAddress; for var i := 0 to Emails.Count - 1 do if not IsMatch(Emails[i], EMAIL_REGEX) then begin Result := False; Break; end; finally Emails.Free; end; end;
  7. Uwe Raabe

    How to have Live vertical scrolling of TDBGrid

    The requested functionality can be hacked together with a few lines of code. Place this interposer class in the scope of your form. type TDBGrid = class(Vcl.DBGrids.TDBGrid) private procedure WMVScroll(var Message: TWMVScroll); message WM_VSCROLL; end; ... procedure TDBGrid.WMVScroll(var Message: TWMVScroll); begin if Message.ScrollCode = SB_THUMBTRACK then Message.ScrollCode := SB_THUMBPOSITION; inherited; end;
  8. Dalija Prasnikar

    10.4.1+ Custom Managed Records usable?

    I always had high hopes that by 10.7 everything will work as intended. Now we will have to wait until Delphi 17.
  9. David Heffernan

    Love your competitor :-) ..... ?

    That's a strange way to spell C# and Typescript
  10. David Heffernan

    Love your competitor :-) ..... ?

    Heljsberg clearly made the right decision for his own career and I would argue that the world of programming is better for him having move to MS than it would have been had he not.