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  1. That happens during the convention too? Dang. I signed up for one of their "TCoffee and Code" sessions a while back with the topic of "Real-Time Financial Software Development with Delphi". I'd been talking to someone about possibly working with them on some financial software to test some investing ideas they had and I was curious what the state of financial libraries for Delphi was. I wasn't aware of any, so I thought this would be interesting. I set aside my lunch time to watch. Jim McKeith had decided to try hosting the webinar via YouTube and it was not going well. Jim struggled to get everyone's audio working. I suggested the next event be moved to OnlyFans, but he and the guests decided against that idea. What followed was half an hour of the attendees offering advice to Jim to try to fix the problems. If you've ever wanted to see Jim McKeith's head shrink and fly around your screen (and who hasn't?) feel free to click here. The next half hour saw the guest tell war stories about what it was like trying to create financial software in the 1980s. Now I enjoy 80's tech nostalgia as much as anyone, but this wasn't exactly what I'd expected to get out of this webinar. About 1 hour 10 minutes in my lunch time was past done and I had to log out, never actually learning anything about financial software development with Delphi, real-time or not (guest was still talking about Turbo Pascal). The final cut of the video on YouTube shows the talk ran just shy of two and a half hours! (Coffee must have gotten cold). Sadly I never made the time to watch the remaining hour and a half to see if it got better. And now I'm hearing that even CodeRage or DelphiCon or whatever it is nowadays has the same kind of issues, even after staging it all these years. Shame.
  2. 🤣 Well that me actually laughing out loud after a day from hell, thanks 😂
  3. Remy Lebeau

    Indy & OpenSSL 1.1.1 & TLS 1.3

    Status hasn't changed since the last time you asked. The new support code for OpenSSL 1.1.x and TLS 1.3 is still in Pull Request #299 on GitHub awaiting review and merge into the main codebase. AFAIK, it works in general, but I offer no guarantees about it yet as there are some open issues with it, cross platform support hasn't been tested, etc. It is not dead. I still work on it pretty frequently, but I'm pretty much the only developer working on it (aside from the occasional contribution from users or Embarcadero), and I just don't have the kind of free time that I used to have. But I do what I can with the time I can spare for it. Plus, it doesn't help that I don't have a working IDE installed anymore. Many years ago (I just checked my blog, and wow, I didn't realize just how many years have past now!), a series of multiple back-to-back system crashes took out my entire development environment - all of my VMs, NAS backups, laptop, everything gone. To this day, I still haven't recovered any of my old files yet. In the case of Indy specifically, fortunately the main code was stored online, so I can continue to checkin updates/fixes as needed, but I lost a lot of internal dev code I was working on at the time. As for the IDE itself, I just haven't committed time to reinstall it yet. I don't use RAD Studio in my day job anymore. Not to mention I haven't been very happy with all the problems I see people report in various online forums about the past handful of releases, so I've been hesitant to reinstall a new IDE for awhile. But, last year I did finally buy a new laptop for future dev work, and plan on installing RAD Studio onto it (eventually). I know, it sounds like I'm just making excuses. Maybe I am. I need to pick up the slack ...
  4. Hi, when you read the title, you probably already had the standard answer in your head: "Does not work with Indy, supports only OpenSSL 1.0.2 at most and thus no TLS 1.3". I can reassure you, that is not my point. Or actually even more precisely: That is exactly my point 😉 I've spent "a little" time writing the Indy support for OpenSSL 1.1.1 and TLS 1.3, and added a push request to Indy: #299. At the same time I have fixed a few issues that have been posted to GitHub (see PR). I wrote 2 new IO handlers ( one for server and one for client), the old ones are unchanged to avoid conflicts. Everything was written and tested in Delphi Berlin 10.1.2 on Win32 and Win64. I have neither macOS nor iOS nor Linux nor Android, nor FreePascal, nor older (or newer) Delphi versions. I have tried to keep older Delphi versions in mind to ensure that it will run on them, but there have been no tests on my part. I have tested it extensively in small test applications with other servers/clients. In addition, I built it into a large Real World program with TCP server/client, SMTP/IMAP/POP clients, FTP client, HTTP client, and it also ran there without problems. Unfortunately the nice man, who has provided new binary files of OpenSSL under indy.fulgan.com has said that he does not offer versions > 1.0.2 anymore. So I used the versions of slWebPro in the beginning (they even still work on WinXP), later I used the versions of Overbyte, because they do not have any external dependencies (and are digitally signed, but no XP anymore^^). But both worked without problems. All files are located in the subfolder "Lib/Protocols/OpenSSL". There are also subfolders "static" and "dynamic" which offers quite extensive imports of the OpenSSL API, once for static linking, once for dynamic loading/unloading. For dynamic loading there are also possibilities in the "IdOpenSSLLoader.pas" to trigger the loading/unloading itself, if you need the API outside of the IO handler (e.g. for your own x509 generation). To save me the double writing of the imports, I wrote a kind of intermediate code in the folder "Intermediate", which I let generate with "GenerateCode" to the two variants. The tool "GenerateCode" is only a simple string customization and actually only designed for Berlin, so I didn't bother about downward compatibility. As a normal user of the IO handlers you don't need them, only if you make changes to the API implementation. So and now comes your. It would be nice if one or the other would test this, so that it is not only WOMM certified, but can withstand more real situations. For me it also works with the Indy, which comes with Delphi Berlin, when I create another unit, which provides some new Indy types and functions. Of course some units have to be adapted locally to use the new unit.
  5. corneliusdavid

    Indy & OpenSSL 1.1.1 & TLS 1.3

    First of all, THANK YOU @Remy Lebeaufor your contributions over the years to the Indy project, both in development and in support on this and many other forums. So do I and to learn there's only one main developer on this project who doesn't even have a working IDE at the moment is quite concerning. I wish I had the time/knowledge to help.
  6. Stefan Glienke

    Indy & OpenSSL 1.1.1 & TLS 1.3

    As a solo maintainer of an open-source library myself I can say this: if that person does not have a working dev environment installed anymore and does not have time to work on it - I personally consider that project being de facto dead. That is not an offense but there has to be taken action. Nobody can blame you for not working on a spare time project if you got no time or the mood to. But if that project is of fundamental importance - and I consider Indy as a crucial piece of the 3rd party ecosystem for Delphi - there needs to be something done about it. Not having an up-to-date networking library available (yes I know there are several others, but Indy always has been out of the box and freely available) is one of the many reasons that make Delphi unappealing for decision-makers.
  7. borni69

    MVCFramework Custom logg Linux

    Also if someone needs it later I added the logger in the create part of TMVCEngine procedure TMyWebModule.WebModuleCreate(Sender: TObject); begin FMVC := TMVCEngine.Create(Self, procedure(Config: TMVCConfig) begin // session timeout (0 means session cookie) Config[TMVCConfigKey.SessionTimeout] := '0'; // default content-type Config[TMVCConfigKey.DefaultContentType] := TMVCConstants.DEFAULT_CONTENT_TYPE; // default content charset Config[TMVCConfigKey.DefaultContentCharset] := TMVCConstants.DEFAULT_CONTENT_CHARSET; // unhandled actions are permitted? Config[TMVCConfigKey.AllowUnhandledAction] := 'false'; // default view file extension Config[TMVCConfigKey.DefaultViewFileExtension] := 'html'; // view path Config[TMVCConfigKey.ViewPath] := 'templates'; // Enable Server Signature in response Config[TMVCConfigKey.ExposeServerSignature] := 'true'; end,GetLogger); //GetLogger // Added the logger at this stage FMVC.AddController(TMyController);
  8. Can I call this structured diff viewer with command line arguments? I want to integrate it as an external diff viewer in tortoiseSVN ... Also, the menu item "help->user manual" does nothing...
  9. Joseph MItzen

    Micro optimization: IN vs OR vs CASE

    Meanwhile, I got lost when BASIC dropped the line numbers....
  10. As an Ingress player, I always have to check whether I am in a Niantic or an Embarcadero forum, when I read stuff like this.
  11. I totally agree. It frustrates me to no end to see and hear about problems in the product but not have any response or idea when they'll get resolved, if a feature is dropped, what the priority is, or ANYTHING. Just someone saying, "sorry it's late, we're working on it but are slammed" or something would be better than silence. So often, I see businesses just trying to pretend everything is OK when customers are clamoring for answers. I always give my customers reasons for being late, even if they've heard them before--they appreciate knowing I'm still alive and are listening to their cries.
  12. That day was many years ago in various forms, your actions keep you recognized as a technical MVP. You @Uwe Raabe , and several (many) others here, demonstrate, by your actions and responses, that MVP can still be more than a marketing position. You will always get recognition as an MVP in my view, and I am sure by many others.
  13. CoeurdeLeon

    DelphiCon 2021 Code Examples

    Peter That is disappointing that there is not a central location where all presenters can save their code examples and attendees can retrieve this code. If anyone has more urls for DelphiCon 2021 code please respond with the urls. Thank you. Dick Maley
  14. Stefan Glienke

    Indy & OpenSSL 1.1.1 & TLS 1.3

    Given the activity on Indy, I am tempted to call that project dead.