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  1. Miguel Moreno

    Updated XMLMapper

    Lars and Dick: I am please to inform you that Embarcadero has released the official "XML Mapper" for Delphi 11.3, internal version 28.0.47991.2819, via the GetIt package manager. We have made an extensive effort to make XML Mapper reliable and usable with any modern XSD and/or XML file. Please give it a try and let us know of any issue you may find through Embarcadero's Quality Central. Thanks.
  2. Why are you using MaxInt for the timeout, and not simply using Infinite instead? Then you can get rid of the while loop. // now the server is processing requests // wait for terminate signal MyEvent.WaitFor(Infinite);
  3. So, my project group with 25 applications, built 7.6M lines of code in 3 min 16 secs without a hitch on my Lenovo P16. I was not surprised, having already tested the builds in my VM during the subscriber beta. But - when I ran the applications against certain production systems - I got an error I had never seen before. After numerous fiddlings with breakpoints, I discovered that the hosts that failed all were ip.ad.dr.es\instance instead of hostname\instance. When googling the error message, I eventually found references to Kerberos security failure and spelunking further, I found a suggestion to add the following to the connection string: In Delphi code, that means adding FDConnection.Params.Values['ODBCAdvanced'] := 'TrustServerCertificate=yes'; to your connection initalization code. Studying the release notes after 11.1, the 11.2 release states which is the one I had installed, but perhaps the Kerberos authentication bit was ignored because the older FireDAC code didn't twiddle the right params? Anyways - problem solved - No more The target principal name is incorrect for ip address host names.
  4. Miguel Moreno

    Updated XMLMapper

    Lars: Hahahaha 😁 Glad to hear that "the crash [...] didn't happen" ... 👌🏼
  5. Eric Grange

    Touchpad two fingers pan in a VCL app ?

    Ok solved it! For reference the relevant Microsoft is actually this one Windows 8 touchpad gesture implementation guide While the MS doc mentions Windows 8 and says it's obsolete, it is still very much what happens in Windows 10. The touchpad pan gets mapped to WM_MOUSEWHEEL (vertical) and WM_MOUSEHWHEEL (horizontal), that last one is not exposed in the VCL as of Delphi 10.3 The pan translations come in the WheelDelta field, so they can be easily mapped to whatever you need.
  6. Roger Cigol

    Delphi 10.4 missing XML Data Binding

    Anyone who gets to this post should be aware that in March 2023, with Alexandria 11.3, there was a new version of XML Mapper in Getit. See also this post:
  7. Lars Fosdal

    Updated XMLMapper

    Perfect. I should have seen that, but I only tested it on a single .xsd file and was just waiting for the crash that didn't happen.
  8. Roger Cigol

    Updated XMLMapper

    Hi Lars, There is a numeric entry box for this limit on the XSD tab
  9. With respect to your request, and speaking of databases, I've honestly never heard the concepts of UNDO / REDO but the concepts of COMMIT / ROLLBACK. All databases support the concepts of TRANSACTION / COMMIT / ROLLBACK. The main difference between theoretical and practical use is defined by both the DB used and the component used to manage the database (e.g. FIREDAC, ZEOS, ADO)..... I've never used Interbase, but I've used FireBird even if not "heavily" and the TRANSACTION support from the DB is complete and it's multi-user with the possibility of setting the LOCK resolution mode. Now I don't remeber if FIREDAC supports transactions at DB level (therefore multiuser, auto lock, ....) or at connection level (1 transaction for each connection, therefore not native multiuser). ZEOS only supports connection-level transactions, therefore 1 ACTIVE TRANSACTION for each connection, no concurrent multi-user. EDIT: my fault, there is no concurrent MULTI TRANSACTION with same client side application. Means that only one sql editing instruction (for example) = one transaction may be in use concurrently in that client side app. MULTIUSER from different client is always possible and even with multiple database connections, multiple concurrent transactions can be made. In any case the solution can be using only the transactions, and this is expressly true if there is multiuser. The resolution of inconsistencies, locks and all other problems is very complex and cannot be solved "manually" at the application code level. This is the page for the FireBird documentation, where the mechanisms of LOCK, TRANSACTION, COMMIT / ROLLBACK are explained very well. Bye P.S.: of course, a careful design of a database is always necessary, regardless of the use of TRANSACTIONs.
  10. Remy Lebeau

    SHGetSpecialFolderLocation in FireMonkey

    Correct, since FMX is cross-platform, but you are trying to use platform-specific code. So, you will have to #ifdef your code for Windows, and then #include the relevant header files, in this case <windows.h> and <shlobj.h> (NOT <shlobj_core.h> directly). Also, FYI, SHGetSpecialFolderLocation() is very old, so you should be using SHGetFolderPathW() instead, or even SHGetKnownFolderPath(). That is just a warning. Ignore it, and or turn it off in the compiler settings. SHGetFolderPath() was introduced in Windows 2000. Any old compiler that doesn't recognize it is too old to support FireMonkey anyway.
  11. Brian Evans

    Error loading data???

    I usually turn off the welcome page or remove all the plugins from being displayed (in the latest Delphi releases). The content has little value in the most recent releases and zero value in older versions where there is never anything "new" anyway. Likely an Internet connection issue or the Getit server is overloaded / not responding quick enough.
  12. That's great! However, as far as I can tell, there's no documentation to explain this behavior. A bit unfortunate, to say the least. Or maybe I'm just not understanding how association arrays work. I have already updated my code to support registration under HKCU\Software\Classes instead of HKCR. I will update it to also add the SystemFileAssociation keys.
  13. I've now compared the log from Windows 7 and Windows 10.somethingsomething. I searched for "arw" in both logs. What stands out is that on Windows 7 the Explorer primarily uses the registry keys we're expecting; The documented ones. For example, it looks for (and finds) the property sheet handler in HKCU\Software\Classes\arwfile\shellex\PropertySheetHandlers and HKCR\arwfile\shellex\PropertySheetHandlers. On Windows 10 however, things are a bit different. Notably, it never looks for *arwfile\shellex\* Both Windows 7 and Windows 10 look for (and don't find) HKCU\Software\Classes\SystemFileAssociations\.arw\shellex\PropertySheetHandlers and HKCR\SystemFileAssociations\.arw\shellex\PropertySheetHandlers. They also read the more general keys HKCU\Software\Classes\*\shellex\PropertySheetHandlers, and HKCR\*\shellex\PropertySheetHandlers and Windows 10 additionally looks for HKCU\Software\Classes\Kind.Picture\shellex\PropertySheetHandlers and HKCR\Kind.Picture\shellex\PropertySheetHandlers. Apparently, the SystemFileAssociations keys are related to something called Association Arrays.