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Daniele Teti

Job Offer - 5 Delphi Devs for bit Time Professionals

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bit Time Professionals s.r.l., a software company based in Rome (IT) with branches in Europe, is looking for 5 Delphi Developers. 
We have availability for both for contract work or permanent positions.


Mandatory qualifications:
- In-depth and current knowledge of Delphi (recent versions, at least from Delphi 10 Seattle onwards)
- Excellent knowledge of OOP, OOD and design pattern
- Knowledge of SQL and interfacing with relational databases
- Knowledge in RESTful API design and development
- Autonomy and problem solving attitude
- Knowledge of Italian and/or English


Appreciated optional skills:
- DelphiMVCFramework
- Python
- C#
- Javascript/TypeScript
- React, Angular, Vuejs or similar


Other information:
- Work office in Rome (italy) or fully remote

- Frequent Internal trainings
- Fringe benefit


Remuneration commensurate with the experience and knowledge demonstrated during the technical interview.

Gross Annual Salary starting from 32K (will be discussed after tech interview)


Company website https://www.bittimeprofessionals.com/


Send CV to professionals@bittime.it

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5 hours ago, Darian Miller said:

Is that a typo?

No, but that's in Europe, so you can't compare salaries easily to US salaries, even if you convert EUR to US$.


Looks a bit on the low side to me too though, especially for Rome, but I am not that familiar with salaries and cost of living in Italy either.

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EUR and USD are almost equal right now.


I was paid $32k back in 1982.


Current salaries are around $100k, and even really cheap Delphi devs are $70k.


Full stack web devs are up to $150k. Delphi is a "full-stack" tool, but nobody seems to regard it as such. 🙂

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On 11/15/2022 at 3:19 AM, Daniele Teti said:

Gross Annual Salary starting from 32K (will be discussed after tech interview)

LOL, for one or all five?


Can't imagine a first-world currency where that is a reasonable starting point.

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