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  1. Tom F

    Parnassus Bookmarks for Delphi 11 Alexandria?

    Another vote here for David to get the time to update the plugin. I'm so accustomed to using his great Bookmark tool that it's really frustrating to have to wait. It would be nice if Emb actually staffed the RAD Studio team so that things like this (and so many others) didn't get delayed.
  2. This is a universal Expert and Package Manager for Multiple RAD Studio IDEs (works even with Delphi 11 Alexandria): https://www.davidghoyle.co.uk/WordPress/?page_id=1361 Dave is an Embarcadero MVP and has several other useful tools for Delphi developers on his site.
  3. aehimself

    enable/disable the internet connection?

  4. FPiette

    enable/disable the internet connection?

    You system must be badly configured. I never have a force reboot using Win10 PRO: the system tells me a reboot is required but don't reboot by itself (You can also set the working hours so that the system still reboot but only in the non-working hours). I suggest you have a better look at all the related setting. And also make sure you have the latest Windows 10. Currently this is version 21H1.
  5. ANN: StyleControls VCL v. 5.0 just released! http://www.almdev.com StyleControls VCL is a powerful, stable package of components, which uses Classic drawing, system Themes, GDI+ and VCL Styles. This package contains the unique solutions to extend standard VCL controls and also has many unique, advanced controls to create applications with UWP / Fluent UI design. Also with this package you can really improve applying and using of VCL Styles in your application. General goal of new version is support for Windows 11 UI trends in our controls!
  6. aehimself

    Delphi 11.0 has a different form Caption offset than Delphi 10.4

    Form 652. That's a pretty extended hello world collection!