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  1. haentschman

    Report components: good, bad, ugly

    I say Fastreport. I think he can all what you want...
  2. Gustav Schubert

    Give TViewport3D a test flight.

    I made Trimm420.app, and this time I am running a TestFlight for it. https://testflight.apple.com/join/NYgZL0eZ If you always wanted to explore test flight, how it looks, this is an opportunity, just saying! My goal is to get a screenshot from iPhone X Max. ( If you are running iOS 13 Beta you can provide feedback with a screenshot more easily, they say. ) Info about the app itself: https://federgraph.de/trim-420.html There is no database and no web access from the app. It can store a small text file (Trimm-File-Auto.txt) to the app specific Documents folder. The app does not have many users. Last published version (2015) was removed from the store because I did not update the app.
  3. You are MOST welcome! Generally in this forum, you can also credit people by clicking on the heart of the post that helped you and select an appropriate "social media icon" (or whatever ther are called these days".
  4. Rollo62

    Running the IDE in a VM on Mac Book Pro?

    Yes, simplistic is the main reason. There are simple things hidden too much and settings are very limited (no expert modes). With Windows I can do anything, its very open and informative. I can get a tool for any topic. Ok, probably you can find that for Mac too somewhere, and you have the Terminal shell. At some steps you HAVE to use Temrinal, to get simple things done (where I would expect a clever installer maybe). Devices are integrated smoothly: YES But there are so little devices available. I cannot even get a USB-C cable in a shop now. Most keyboards, USB-Drived, other adapters do not work out of the box with Macos. They really are not interested in 3rd party support, where Windows is vice-versa. Why the hell do I have Thunderbolt, there are no reasonable or affordable devices available, its a total waste. Also the whole concept of UX, some love it and say its easy, but I think vice-versa again. Hidden windows behind other apps, a lot of flaws which I rarely see in Windows. Windows concepts are much more simple user-friendly and clear IMHO (unfortunately Win10 is on the track of Macos right now). Try to move a file with Finder, this is terrible, there is no clear Cut and past function for files, as far as I know. Try to drop a file in a folder, you never know where it lands. Macos still might have Wifi issues, sometimes broken connections, etc. A well known issues for many years now, probably depend on the router and the settings, but nothing I would like to see in such a machine. One the Pro side: Trackpad is great, 2-finger / 3-finger guestures work smooth, elegant and flawlessly, never seen such perfect bahaviour on Windows. Switching shells by swiping them is a joy to work with multiple VM machines. Display is great. Anyway, for me the Mac acts as host, and I'm running on Windows. For that purpose its OK for me.
  5. Микола Петрівський

    [out] and [in] in records

    In modern Delphi you can do that like this: TMyRecord = record private FSrcPosition: TPoint; function GetDestination: TPoint; public property SrcPosition: TPoint write FSrcPosition; property DstPosition: TPoint read GetDestination; end;
  6. drliu1202@gmail.com

    Mustangpeak UltraExplorer

    Did you ever upload the source code?
  7. Hello, Using IDE Fix Pack 6.4.4 with Delphi 10.3.2 Pro, I have to set IDEFixPack.DisabledPatches=Compiler.KibitzIgnoreErrors. Without it, Code Completion (Ctrl+space) in IDE does not work. (Project does not contain any error, it compiles successfully). Maybe this information helps someone. Kind regards, K.
  8. Stefan Glienke

    Spring4d and Rio

    This is like asking "I made a printout of that document last year why didn't it update when some people changed the pdf" 😉 A git clone does not update itself - think of it as snapshot - you as the clone owner are responsible to keep it up to date. I think there is no point in making a clone(*) anyway unless: - you are afraid of the repo owner just deleting it (and even then the nature of git would allow everyone who has a local clone just to push it back to a new home) - you want to maintain your own modifications (either for keeping them for yourself or contributing back) (*) sorry, when I wrote clone I actually meant fork - I was assuming that you always keep a local clone up to date or at least fetch it regularly (most git ui tools do that automatically anyway) to see whats new on the origin
  9. In my opinion, this is an unnecessary concern. When opening a project if it is not compatible with the current version of Delphi the migration already takes place, including you can parameterize the behavior in the Settings menu, whichever happens we have to treat it as a bug. Adjustments and optimizations may actually be needed as the environment evolves, but this can and the best tool for this is the RAD itself. As for project settings, when I have to do something more radical, I simply delete the .dproj file, and open the .DPR file, so Delphi recreates the default settings and I can adjust again.
  10. Hi @Yaron, I don't have actual numbers about the most reliable/best performance deployment method but my preferred deployment method for production is having an internal MARS REST server (Windows Service or Linux Deamon) and Apache acting as a reverse proxy (implementing SSL, caching, compression, eventually load balancing). This grants quite some granularity with respect to performance tuning and service availability (you can restart a single service or the whole thing). I also have deployed some MARS servers as Apache modules (on Linux). A couple of customers are using MARS with IIS: one is using IIRF (basically making IIS a reverse proxy and SSL implementor), keeping MARS servers standalone (not even Windows Services though this is on the roadmap). The other one is using ISAPI deployment. I have news from time to time from people using the library and there is not a clear trend among available deployment methods. Sincerely, Andrea
  11. Solved, {$R *.res} was somehow missing from the dpr file :P