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  1. David Hoyle

    Resolve a uses clause unit path?

    @Dave Nottage see my response above, I was having a very dense day yesterday.
  2. Clément

    Payment - Monetization - Good international PSP

    Thanks! I will have a look. I wrote my store in Delphi, it's easy to incorporate new providers. The problem is the other way around. Would the provider want to work with me? (Ingenico never reply my emails) I guess my transaction volume scared them! 😋
  3. Kryvich

    No marker for modified source files

    Try Status Bars.
  4. Uwe Raabe

    Line numbers in code editor

    Tools > Options > User Interface > Editor Options > Display > Number All Lines http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Rio/en/Display
  5. Angus Robertson

    Mustangpeak UltraExplorer

    I've zipped my new version of UltraExplorer 2.5.1, just files to copy over an existing 2.0 installation, I have the set-up project but not all the files needed in the right places. https://www.magsys.co.uk/download/software/UltraExplorer25beta.zip It's not using MM4 due to crashing destroying the application, not had time to fix that yet. Angus
  6. David Schwartz

    Running the IDE in a VM on Mac Book Pro?

    Uhhh ... no, it's far from unique. Just something I guess you've never considered. Look, Apple has a discount program at most colleges, and many schools are REQUIRING students to have a laptop. So when the inevitable 15% or so of students drop-out every semester, a lot of them decide to sell their nearly-new equipment, usually at a pretty decent discount because they don't know much about that stuff. Many of them are like a friend I've got who has a saying: "A fast nickel is better than a slow dime" and they're hurting for cash, so they post their stuff up on eBay at ridiculous discounts. If you're quick, you can score some AMAZING deals! For example, my sister wanted a 12.9" iPad Pro and asked me to see what I could find for her. I scoped out eBay and found one that the owner said was 6 months old, barely used, with AppleCare. The description was quite vague, and when I asked her to clarify something, she just wasn't sure. The price was $475, which was a pretty good deal for a 32GB WiFi-only device with nothing else. I've seen similar things with cracked screens sell for this much, and I was surprised that it hadn't been snatched up in over 24 hours. When it arrived, I freaked-out! It came with a $150 case, 128GB of memory, an Apple Pencil, original boxes, and had cellular service built-in. I could have flipped it that day for $750! My sister said she wanted a WiFi only device, and I said I'd be happy to trade it for mine (the specs she asked for) but she decided to think it over. The next day she told me her partner saw it and immediately took it over to the Verizon store and activated it on their account. They LOVE it! (I should have opened the box and looked at it BEFORE I saw my sister and just given her mine instead; she'd have been quite satisfied.) That may seem like a fluke, but there are plenty of folks who simply don't know what they've got, and a LOT of them own Apple equipment -- because they DON'T HAVE TO KNOW! My brother has three kids, one has been in and out of college for 7 years; one just graduated last year; and one is about to go into college. He called me in total frustration 2-1/2 years ago and said his oldest daughter just had her HP laptop die for the umpteenth time and he just can't afford to keep replacing the damn things. He asked what I'd suggest, and I told him the same thing I've said numerous times in the past: get her a used MacBook! Of course he hemmed and hawed and kept saying how he can't afford it, and I just said again, "Well that's what I'm going to tell you every time you ask." I'm not sure exactly what happened after that, but somehow one of them came across a 6-mo old MBP from another student and picked it up at about 25% discount off of list price. It had AppleCare. I've asked several times how it's holding up, and at first my brother was hesitant ... "so far so good, but if the damn thing breaks, I'm going to be really pissed." Here we are 2-1/2 years later and guess what? The other HP and Dell his other two kids had both broke AGAIN, and they didn't honor their warranty deals for obscure reasons. But that MBP has only had a couple of minor problems: something on the kbd broke and he had some other weird problem with the OS, and both times they took it to the Apple Store and they fixed things right up. He was so amazed that he told me he will never buy another PC again, only Apple hardware. I've heard this same story over and over and over from so many people.... like a manager at a place I was working said he had been a loyal Dell users for years, but his kids kept breaking them, and they seemed to be breaking with increasing frequency. One Monday he said he was fed up and went to the Apple Store and bought 5 (yes, 5) brand new MBPs for his family, and said as soon as they can get switched off of their Dells, he was going to donate the Dells to some charity. My brother is the kind of guy who NEVER buys anything NEW. So he actually enjoys hunting down good deals on used Macs! Kinda weird, I know. But they're not that hard to come by if you know where to look. My first iMac I bought new at a Thanksgiving sale at Best Buy and it was discounted by several hundred dollars. I've never bought a new Mac since, although I do buy new iPads from T-Mobile (my cell phone carrier) b/c I can get 24 months same-as-cash with no credit app from them. My fist MBP I got with a Apple-branded BarclayCard that gave me 5% cashback for purchases made through Apple with 24 months same-as-cash payments, and I bought it from their refurb store at a 15% discount. You just have to know how to find good deals on this stuff I guess.
  7. Joseph MItzen

    Parsing Google Search Results redux

    This is why there are embeddable web engines that process Javascript. You need this, for instance, to parse Amazon wish lists, since the pages use javascript to automatically load more items as you scroll down the page. There are also tools such as Selenium for driving web browsers. Or platforms like ScrapingHub, powered by the open source scrapy library and the Splash headless, scriptable javascript-enabled browser
  8. In addition to what @Stefan Glienke pointed out, there is a problem with your prototypes, your function does not change aQuality param so why you're passing it by value ? Also you're adding extra-no-sense comparison : if aQuality = rsPoor then Result := 0 // you may remove this one ! ... else Result := 0; // rsPoor covered here !
  9. The original code in QualityToInt causes a System.LoadResString for each "case" it checks every time you call that method and System._UStrEqual for the equals check. Neither of those two methods have changed between those versions according to the diff I just did. However LoadResString calls quite a number of other functions that I did not check for changes. I would say a dictionary is pretty much overkill here for those 3 strings - it only is faster because you eliminated the (as I assume) LoadResString calls every time. Try initializing values you compare to only once instead of comparing against the resource strings. I am pretty sure that will beat the dictionary.
  10. It may help to place that directive in the project file instead of the unit with the class declaration.
  11. Assuming that you don't need to use that code from C++Builder just turn off header generation.
  12. E. Spelt

    ZXing Delphi not function in 10.3.2

    Hi There was een update today of the Advanced Scan App. Its is now simplified and handles permissions to the onActivate event. There were more problems with this demo app. You can check the changes in the last week. Please read the updated section of Note for: 'Advanced test demo app'.
  13. Mike Torrettinni

    On The Design Of Uses Clauses

    What is the purpose of keeping {NoLongerUsed,} in the uses clause? If it compiles, it can be removed, right? Also on StillMore {Why here?}, ... why would there be such indication? If it doesn't compile without StillMore then it should be there, no? I don't understand these concepts, I only set those units in uses clause that need to be there. I follow compiler and hints what needs to be there. If it compiles without units, I don't put them there.