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  1. Alexander Sviridenkov

    UI created with HTML Library

    Video made for Delphi Showcase. Both, desktop application and server software (for cloud access) are made in Delphi, nothing external except OCR dll. Windows, Mac and Linux versions. All UI is created in HtPanels (HTML Library), document conversion is performed by Office library. Support for custom fonts and letter spacing was added to FMX canvas (currently only for windows), without this PDF documents cannot be rendered properly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdudQwjhCJg
  2. Hi All I have been steadily working away on my package manager project - the latest update includes compile on install support. https://github.com/DelphiPackageManager/DPM When a package is first installed, it is automatically compiled (if the package spec has that support enabled) and then the project references the compiled version of the package. This speeds up builds on your own projects, since you are not compiling the dpm package sources each time. As an extreme example of this, the DPM build process (building for 12 versions of delphi!) previously took 13 minutes on my build server, after installing the latest dpm and running 2 builds (the first one compiled the packages), the build time is down to 2 minutes! Much of that speed up comes from the fact that older versions of delphi are quite slow at building Spring4D. I encourage everyone to check it out and provide feedback where possible. To get started using DPM, download the latest release from here : You will need to configure a package feed (folder) and download some packages - see the Getting started page Most of my open source projects have package files available under the releases tab on github - https://github.com/vsoftTechnologies/ I have also added a mirror project for Spring4D on github so that I could publish packages (bitbucket doesn't support that) - https://github.com/VSoftTechnologies/Spring4DMirror Same for JsonDataObjects - Andreas ignored my pull request for over a year so I closed it and just forked the project - https://github.com/VSoftTechnologies/JsonDataObjects I'm still working on getting design time packages loaded.. need to get proper project group support going first. Previous updates here :
  3. Sometimes I come across some delphi language enhancements that are undocumented or are poorly documented. In the last few years docwiki has improved a lot, but there are still undocumented cases, such as accessing an item in an array just by declaring a property, without any method: TipGeolocation = record private FCoordinates: array[0..1] of Double; public property Latitude: Double read FCoordinates[0] write FCoordinates[0]; property Longitude: Double read FCoordinates[1] write FCoordinates[1]; end; Share here any enhancements to the delphi language that you have discovered but are not documented.
  4. We are glad to announce that StyleControls VCL v. 4.80 is released! http://www.almdev.com StyleControls VCL is a powerful, stable package of components, which uses Classic drawing, system Themes, GDI+ and VCL Styles. This package contains the unique solutions to extend standard VCL controls and also has many unique, advanced controls to create applications with UWP / Fluent UI design.
  5. David Heffernan

    Create a Delphi Dll and load it with DllMain

    Can you describe what injection technique you plan to use, and what you have achieved so far. Also, don't try to work on this with the production DLL. Work with a simple do nothing DLL so that you can test one thing at a time.
  6. Similarly, should work with records: type TMy = class private FPoint: TPoint; public property X: Integer read FPoint.X write FPoint.X; property Y: Integer read FPoint.Y write FPoint.Y; end; This can even be mixed with static arrays: type TMyData = record Points: array[0..1] of TPoint; end; TMy = class private FData: TMyData; public property X: Integer read FData.Points[1].X write FData.Points[1].X; property Y: Integer read FData.Points[1].Y write FData.Points[1].Y; end;
  7. Again, only from a wise book. I agreed with that. Check everyone enter the routine (arguments) the result sent from the function
  8. Would it not be nice if the whole thing was on GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket or similar where it could be easily shared and modified, instead of a wall of code on a forum?
  9. haentschman

    caFree & ,Free??

    Hi... ...No. It contains "with". "with" is like 90s... Why use many developers the "with"...old school? Everybody knows by now that there can be problems with this...TRect (example) or no resolution of variables during debugging.
  10. Gonna be hard to implement an atomic increment without using a var parameter. Perhaps if people want to talk about the issue of whether certain variables are aligned, then perhaps a new topic would be better.
  11. Carlo Barazzetta

    Native Svg parsing and painting in Windows

    A new brick added to this story: https://github.com/EtheaDev/SVGShellExtensions A short video/demonstration:
  12. Carlo Barazzetta

    Native Svg parsing and painting in Windows

    The work on https://github.com/EtheaDev/SVGIconImageList continues, many issues have been solved. Now it's possible also to use native VirtualImageList (from 10.3 or 10.4) linked to a TSVGIconImageCollection! If you have an older Delphi version you can use TSVGIconsVirtualImageList. With the help of VincentParrent and pyscripter the components and the SVG library improve day by day ... Stay tuned!
  13. Vincent Parrett

    Native Svg parsing and painting in Windows

    https://github.com/EtheaDev/SVGIconImageList By the same author. I'm working on a pull request to add a virtualimagelist and imagecollection using the same svg code.
  14. stijnsanders

    PDF Encryption

    You should check if synpdf can do it: https://github.com/synopse/SynPDF