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  1. For another 16 hours on https://www.packtpub.com/free-learning - as the free book of the day.
  2. FredS

    IDE can not create ancestor TFrame

    Might be a good idea to run Beyond Compare to see the difference between the key and reg file before you do that the next time.
  3. It seems i forgot that I already owned it
  4. Lars Fosdal

    Good design for "file was just saved" message

    Yes, that could work well, IMO.
  5. Thanks for the tip! Nice reading. Note that the chapter about multi-thread friendly MM does not take into account the memory consumption of each, which is a pity. In short, FastMM4 is very conservative (consume very low RAM), ScaleMM2 define a per-thread heap so will eat more memory, but it is worth saying that I have seen the Intel TBB MM eats hunderth time more memory than FastMM4 (with peaks at 200x RAM consumption). So I never was able to use TBB on production. Almost the same for jemalloc. Under Linux, a modern glibc has also a great speed - but is a bit paranoid and sometimes SIGKILL the process on some memory error in end-user code. You have some numbers in https://github.com/synopse/mORMot/blob/master/SynFPCCMemAligned.pas#L57
  6. Remy Lebeau

    How to log raw data on Android?

    TIdLogEvent is not an abstract class, as it does implement all of the abstract methods of TIdLogBase. There is also TIdLogFile, which is not abstract, either. TIdInterceptSimLog and TIdLogFile are completely different file loggers. They write data in different formats. TIdLogFile is more "raw", logging data as-is, with optional timestamp and text replacements of CR and LF bytes. While TIdInterceptSimLog prefixes each read/write with a summary line describes whether the data is textual with a EOL present, or is raw bytes and what the byte size is, and appends a line break after each data.
  7. Mike Margerum

    The Android 64bit deadline warnings have started

    I've already built a sizable app in vue/vueutify and honestly didn't have one issue WRT cross browser compatibility. Of course i had the luxury of rejecting IE 10 or lower. I'm perfectly willing to cut out that segment because the effort isn't worth it.
  8. Markus Kinzler

    The Android 64bit deadline warnings have started

    With an chromium based edge, all browsers will support modern web standards this problem will cease. Mozilla and others work on support Webassembly besides web/browser. This can became the better version of java (vm) and .net (il).
  9. Just finished a personal project for consuming and creating YAML in Delphi: https://blog.grijjy.com/2019/06/03/a-yaml-library-for-delphi/
  10. Remy Lebeau

    The Android 64bit deadline warnings have started

    The reason was clearly stated in Google's deadline anouncement:
  11. Stefan Glienke

    The Android 64bit deadline warnings have started

    Learn how private equity firms work and you understand why things happen as they do.
  12. David Heffernan

    The Android 64bit deadline warnings have started

    Sure it's down to a lack of resources. But that's a consequence of expanding to new platforms. Each additional platform comes with a maintenance cost. That cost is paid for out of revenue. The bulk of the revenue comes from customers that are using the legacy platforms. If Emba continue to neglect their core business (Windows development tools) then eventually customers will look elsewhere.
  13. Markus Kinzler

    The Android 64bit deadline warnings have started

    Prior to release of 10.3 it was scheduled for it.
  14. The lonely wish that Delphi once again becomes a bright light in the forefront, not just chasing after the story. This long running behind makes more and more the feeling that at some point the compiler will not come anymore and the part for Android, iOS and macOS will end at some point. I am of the opinion that if you go the way of the different platforms, then with full force ... or not at all. This half-dead is not a business model.
  15. Dalija Prasnikar

    The Android 64bit deadline warnings have started

    Maybe somebody at Unity didn't have to ask because there is huge number of Unity Android games with large distributions out there. Google knows what kinds of applications they host and how many don't support 64bit.
  16. philipp.hofmann

    Who is doing MacOS app with RadStudio for clients ?

    My software runs with all OS (Win32/Win64/MacOS/iOS/Android/Linux [fmxlinux]) but with MacOS the Delphi-BLE-implementation is not useable. P.S.: With Linux BLE is also not useable but there isn't any BLE implementation until now, under MacOS is an error in the existing BLE implementation.
  17. 😉 I am feeling a little stupid here. But how can I download this book? There is an option to *buy* the E-Book for 9,99 USD. Maybe this would be the way to go for a download?
  18. David Heffernan

    The Android 64bit deadline warnings have started

    Kinda galling to realise the effort Emba is putting in for 64 bit mobile and Mac desktop platform support (all minority user bases) and at the same time the Windows compilers (overwhelming majority user base) receive no attention at all. What kind of business model is it to take money of your customers and then spend it on developing functionality that is not useful to the majority of your customers?