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What new features would you like to see in Delphi 13?

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1.IDE improvement.   code formatter.denbuger[like interface can not see menber,mutithread]

LSP codeinsght code imp.

2.RTL ,improvement..[base tcp component then can develop all above tcp do not use Indy!]

high performance socket base->HttpClient/HttpServer/websockets/others

encrypt base-->common like aes des and so on.

RTL performance.today delphi 'code performance(use many buildin RTL function)even lower then  .net

3. More Languane future like  async(await like ),generic function(not class),interface can have field(C# imp it many years ago),more language suger.

4VCL some layout component

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I do Windows/Mac tools, so for me I’d like to see improvements to FMX, particularly the grid so that it had some of the same functionality as the VCL version. Some small improvements to the FMX TMemo would be nice as-well. I wish they would open the FMX to others so that the community could help since it seams Embarcadero is resource limited. The last thing that would be nice to have is the ability to generate webassembly. I’m starting to develop more and more client side web tools. I’ve used pas2js with success but Delphi must be one of the last major compilers not to support webassembly.

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