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  1. Oh, yes! There is Big Indian and Little Indian format, eh?
  2. On a positive note: 11,156 dreaded Python while only 797 dreaded Delphi... From that we can conclude that Python is almost 14 times more unpopular than Delphi! Woohoo!
  3. One of my former coworkers started to call herself the Little Indian (she was of Indian descend and really tiny) after she heard one of the developers talking about little endian vs. big endian format. Somehow it didn't get old, we had a laugh every time she said that (the reason possibly was that we were drunk most of the time, playing Total Annihilation after office hours) Those were the days ...
  4. UPDATE: The book is now available in PDF at: https://wmeyer.tech/books I am working on an ebook version, but the book format is not a good fit for ebook, so I am having to rework the presentation a good deal. Probably a couple of weeks till I can have it ready.
  5. PeterBelow

    Split String

    Do it on the string itself, like you learned addition in school. function incrementID(const aID: string):string; var ch: Char; N: Integer; begin Result := aID; N:= Length(Result); while N > 0 do begin ch := Result[N]; case ch of '0'..'8': begin Result[N] := Succ(ch); Break; end; '9': begin Result[N] := '0'; Dec(N); end; '.': Dec(N); else raise Exception.CreateFmt('Invalid character "%s" in ID "%s" at position %d.', [ch, aID, N]); end; {case ch} end; {while} end;
  6. So as a very experienced Delphi developer I should be getting $200k? Plz hire me 😄
  7. There are many legacy projects which are still in active production. This volume offers approaches to refactoring and modernizing the code base without the need for complete redesign and rewrite. Evolution, not revolution. These are approaches well suited to the incremental revision of production code, as is usually the concern with a commercial product. Motivated by my own experience with legacy apps and the need to find a manageable approach to transforming a product in current production. On Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B2TY6ZZ4
  8. Serge_G

    Split String

    @Fr0sT.Brutal, code was edited during your post. Just a thing, this MyCode = 600.005.0010 then requested result = 600.005.0011 should not work you have to manage a way to have the good formatstring something like procedure TForm23.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var S : TArray<String>; fmt : string; begin S:=Edit3.Text.Split(['.']); fmt:='%.'+Length(S[Length(S)-1]).tostring+'d'; S[length(S)-1]:=Format(fmt,[(StrToInt(S[Length(S)-1])+1)]); Edit3.Text:=String.Join('.',S); end;
  9. Unemployably expensive? 🤪
  10. I have 25+ years Delphi experience programming professionally. What does that work out to? 😉 Total years does not necessarily mean "I'm better than someone with less". Results speak louder than years.
  11. Recently I've receibed pub for the VAR program for Interbase VARs licence system, and again, as I did years ago, I read it looking for a special paragraf about how Embarcadero/Idera, in this program, consider the Demos or de "Communiy/Free" versions o our applications. I can't find a single line about this. For years I accepted that for little applications, like the mine one, Interbase is a very good option. Mainly for applications multiplatform (Windows/Mac), but, my brand system is let the user enjoy with a reduced version of my application free of charge, what involves, I think, pay a licence to Idera/Embarcadero, for every installation of a product for which I do not charge. Any one knows if exists some type of disclaimer for free/community versions of applications that includes Interbase with VAR license? Well, I know that exists a trial version of interbase that I can install, but have a very high limitation to an application, like mine, that saves graphic information inside the database. His max size for the file of the database is of 100Mb. Today, this is ridiculous. True?
  12. This book looks like it is going to be invaluable to me and my team. I have a 20 year old project and nearly everything in the book applies to it. I'm buying three more copies to give to my co-developers.
  13. sjordi

    Interbase VAR Licence and Demos or Free Versions

    Me too when developing Windows apps. NexusDB is great but is not available for cross-platform apps. That's very unfortunate. I'm also against pay as you go solutions and think that the VAR program is pretty obscure. For single developers, you need to know the costs in advance, you have no way to determine how successful an app will be. Could be 10 users or 300k users. As a single developer, I want to pay a fixed price and then have the freedom of royalty free distribution, just like NexusDB. For cross platform, I switched to SQLite, even if not as powerful as Interbase, but it also has a much much much smaller footprint that IB... even if this is a selling point for them to be small...
  14. Fr0sT.Brutal

    Interbase VAR Licence and Demos or Free Versions

    I wouldn't bother with IB licensing stuff when there's opensource Firebird. Especially if you have "small apps" that unlikely require some unique IB features.
  15. Hi, I have just released new book: Delphi Thread Safety Patterns. https://dalija.prasnikar.info/delphitspatt/ It is on promotional sale until June,14. You can use Coupon Code: DTSPATT10 at checkout to get a $10 discount. At the moment there are two options: you can purchase eBook only or bundle: eBook and paper edition (those are separate purchases that go through different sellers and you will receive instructions for paper book with the eBook order). Paper book only on the Amazon is not available for the time being. Thank you all for the support!
  16. TigerLilly


    Here you are: https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/aureliusfree.asp
  17. Fr0sT.Brutal

    Split String

    Edit3.Text:=String.Join('.',S); ?