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  1. PyScripter, an Open Source, freely available Python IDE written in Delphi, has reached 1 million downloads from Sourceforge. This is in addition to many millions of downloads from its earlier home at the now defunct Google Code and an unknown number of downloads from other distribution channels. Historic note: The initial motivation was to build a good scripting solution for Delphi applications. About 20 years ago Microsoft was still promoting ActiveX scripting and Windows Script Engines (such as vbScript and jScript) as the way of building scripting solutions for Windows applications (one of many Microsoft technologies that was all but abandoned). At that time Python was relatively unknown, but it so happened that it was available as a Windows Script Engine and I looked into it. I loved the clean syntax, the expressiveness and conciseness of the language. Other things I liked were duck typing, batteries included, strong object orientation (everything is an object) etc.. The first iteration was an IDE (editor/debugger) for ActiveX Script Engines. But there were many bugs and limitations of Active Scripting both on the Microsoft/Windows side and the Python side. I then came across Python4Delphi which at the time was maintained by a Canadian developer Morgan Martinet. I started contributing to that project and later become its main maintainer, when Morgan's interested shifted to other things. I also developed a simple Python IDE which was named PyScripter and was originally distributed alongside Python4Delphi. There was very few Python IDEs available at the time and somehow the project became known in the Python community and instantly popular. For me, developing PyScripter was just a hobby, but I received a lot of encouragement and kept on improving it. I was also making some income from donations and Google AdSense. Both PyScripter and Python4Delphi were later moved to Google Code. Python popularity was steadily increasing and at the peak of PyScripter's popularity around 2010, there were hundreds of thousands of downloads the days following each new release. More recently as we all know Python became one of the most popular programming languages, but at the same time there was strong competition to PyScripter from freely available commercial grade IDE's such as Jetbrains PyCharm and Microsoft's Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. PyScripter was almost abandoned when Google Code closed down due to my frustration, but after a couple of years of inactivity the project was moved to Github and development resumed. Downloads are available through Sourceforge, since 2016. Through the years PyScripter has kept a large and loyal group of followers. I get many comments along the lines "I have tried VSCode, I have tried PyCharm, but I keep going back to PyScripter". PyScripter is also quite widely used in many Universities for introducing Python to students. And almost 20 years after its first release, PyScripter is still going strong...
  2. You still need comments for future readers.
  3. Good choice. Keep it simple.
  4. Javier Tarí

    XML Parsing and Processing

    If you are interested in performance, http://kluug.net (Ondřej Pokorný) has two excellent libraries; the freeware OmniXML and the commercial OXml. I'm user and customer of OXml On this page: http://kluug.net/oxml.php choose the Performance tab and you will see a thorough comparision between most Delphi XML libraries. OXml shows about 10 times faster than MSXML I purchased both OXml and OExport, and quite happy with them Note: No, I'm not related to Kluug in any possible way, other than customer/user of his librtaries
  5. TurboMagic

    Loading shared objects on Android

    By the way: the whole thing is now available here: https://github.com/rmesch/Bitmaps2Video Android 64 bit support for the sample provided should be available soon, I need to commit it and create a pull request. Which I'll do in a minute.
  6. Carlo Barazzetta

    Looking for Icon Fonts support in Delphi for High-DPI and Themed app?

    Yes, to develop the app the font must be installed on the system in order to use it in the IDE. Deploying the app you can do as you explain: I have similar code in the demo, which responds to the OnFontMissing event raised by the component if Font is not installed: //The "material desktop font is not installed into system: load and install now from disk LFontFileName := ExtractFilePath(Application.ExeName)+'..\Fonts\Material Design Icons Desktop.ttf'; if FileExists(LFontFileName) then begin {$IFNDEF D2010+} AddFontResource(PChar(LFontFileName)); {$ELSE} AddFontResource(PWideChar(LFontFileName)); {$ENDIF} SendMessage(HWND_BROADCAST, WM_FONTCHANGE, 0, 0); end
  7. David Heffernan

    TEdit with enhanced keyboard support?

    I use SHAutoComplete and don't have any issues.
  8. aehimself

    how to run git commands from Delphi app

    It's pretty undocumented, but kind of easy to understand. Feel free to modify it to your needs: @ECHO OFF SET GITDIR=C:\LocalWork\_DelphiComponents SET OLDDIR=%CD% FOR /F "tokens=1 delims=" %%a IN ('DIR /B /A:D %GITDIR%') DO CALL :CHECK "%%a" GOTO :END :CHECK CD /D %GITDIR%\%~1 > nul 2>&1 IF ERRORLEVEL 1 GOTO :eof "C:\Program Files\Git\cmd\git.exe" fetch > nul 2>&1 IF ERRORLEVEL 1 GOTO :eof ECHO/|SET /P=%~1... "C:\Program Files\Git\cmd\git.exe" status > "%TEMP%\gitstatus.tmp" 2>&1 IF ERRORLEVEL 1 (ECHO querying status failed! & GOTO :DELEOF) TYPE "%TEMP%\gitstatus.tmp" | FIND /I "is behind" > nul 2>&1 IF ERRORLEVEL 1 (ECHO up to date. & GOTO :DELEOF) TYPE "%TEMP%\gitstatus.tmp" | FIND /I "nothing to commit, working tree clean" > nul 2>&1 IF ERRORLEVEL 1 (SET STASHED=1) ELSE (SET STASHED=0) IF %STASHED%==0 GOTO :PULL "C:\Program Files\Git\cmd\git.exe" stash > nul 2>&1 IF ERRORLEVEL 1 (ECHO could not stash changes! & GOTO :DELEOF) :PULL "C:\Program Files\Git\cmd\git.exe" pull --rebase > nul 2>&1 IF ERRORLEVEL 1 (ECHO could not download updates!) ELSE (ECHO update successful.) IF %STASHED%==0 GOTO :DELEOF "C:\Program Files\Git\cmd\git.exe" stash pop > nul 2>&1 IF ERRORLEVEL 1 ECHO could not restore changes! :DELEOF IF EXIST "%TEMP%\gitstatus.tmp" DEL "%TEMP%\gitstatus.tmp" GOTO :eof :END CD /D %OLDDIR% PAUSE For me it now outputted... All you have to do is to change the path to the folder, where your Git repositories are. The script will check all folders within the root and if it's a Git repository it will do it's work. If you need help, feel free to ask.
  9. David Heffernan

    Why is TList freed in this code?

    Only cool for the users. Mind-bending if it's your job to implement it!
  10. Stefan Glienke

    Why is TList freed in this code?

    That's why IMultiMap<TKey,TValue> from Spring4d is so cool
  11. It does: However - as I mentioned - Delphi's TZIPFile still has it's limitations which ZipForge for example overcame already. This includes but (possibly) not limited to LZMA compression, proper Zip64 support and replacing one file inside the ZIP archive.
  12. Did TZipFile ever got a proper update? Although it's good to have something built in, https://github.com/ccy/delphi-zip adds LZMA and probably ZIP64 support. I myself forked that too to fix a memory leak and make it open some corrupted ZIP files too. I wonder if I can drop Zip2 in my projects and to use the built-in version again.
  13. @pyscripter Sometimes Im wondering what made Python so popular in the first place. Now I know, it was PyScripter IDE
  14. TurboMagic

    Loading shared objects on Android

    If somebody likes to have the shared objects used by the above demo unzip this attachment here into the project folder. FFMultiDemoLibraries.zip
  15. David Heffernan

    Byte and Integer

    Couldn't take the traffic of tens of devs trying to vote for range checking enabled by default
  16. limelect

    Highlight a specific popup menu item?

    And yes I want it to make coffee
  17. David Heffernan

    Securing your data over time

    You should have all your work in revision control. Then when your drive fails you still have it. Not to mention all the other benefits.
  18. It seems that will not happen. Code Partners Acquires SmartInspect