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Found 95 results

  1. sgcWebSockets is a complete package providing access to HTML5 WebSockets API (WebSocket is a web technology providing for bi-directional, full-duplex communications channels, over a single Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) socket) allowing to create WebSocket Servers, and WebSocket clients in VCL, Lazarus and Firemonkey Applications. What's new 4.3.0 - Added support for OSX64 in Delphi 10.3.2 - New API for Kraken servers (is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange). - Added Support for Authentication using Tokens in SignalRCore API. - Several improvements about performance and stability. Main Features: - WebSocket and HTTP Support: sgcWebSockets includes client and server-side implementations of the WebSocket protocol (RFC 6455). HTTP/s is also full supported. Support for plain TCP is also included. - SSL/TLS for Security: Your messages are secure using our SSL/TLS implementation. Widest compatibility via support for modern TLS 1.2, TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.0 - Protocols and APIs: Several protocols are supported: MQTT, STOMP, WEBRTC, SIGNALR CORE, WAMP... Built-in protocols support Transactions, Datasets, QoS, big file transfers and more. APIs supported for third-parties like Pusher, Bitfinex, Huobi, CEX... - Cross-platform: Share your code using our WebSockets library for your Delphi VCL, Firemonkey, Intraweb, Javascript and C# projects. Includes Server, Clients and several protocols for building and connecting to WebSocket applications. - High Performance WebSocket Server based on Microsoft HTTP Framework and IOCP. Trial Version: http://www.esegece.com/download/sgcWebSockets.zip Compiled Demos: http://www.esegece.com/download/sgcWebSockets_bin.zip More Info: http://www.esegece.com/websockets
  2. Hi, I create a new FMX app, select Android as the target platform and the device, I hit Run (and/or with Debug) and all works fine. The app is deployed correctly to the device and launched. Then, I save the form and again all works fine. Then, I save the project and then the IDE can not build/deploy it. I get the following message: [PAClient Error] Error: E2312 C:\****\AndroidManifest.xml:20: error: No resource identifier found for attribute 'resizeableActivity' in package 'android' Even if I rename the project back to Project1, it does not work. After inspecting the manifest files, the IDE adds this line android:resizeableActivity="false" which is not added when I run a new project. Now, it appears that the AndroidManifest.template includes the same line but it doesn't cause problems until I save a project. If I delete the line from the template, all works fine. Anyone knows why that line generates an error? Thx
  3. Hello, I am using Delphi 10.3.2 and I have that project I need to use APDU commands communicating a Mifare card. I do not know java language. However, Android seems to have support for APDU commands for a very long time (like old versions such as 4.4 has that support). I have found following document: https://developer.android.com/reference/android/nfc/tech/IsoDep My problem is, I do not know APDU command use is possible with Delphi 10.3.2 on Android. I have found only one blog about RFID with Delphi FMX and that is for communicating smart tags. Unfortunately not providing help on APDU usage. http://blong.com/articles/delphixe7nfc/nfc.htm I can't find any other information about Delphi FMX and APDU. I appreciate any help. Thanks & regards, Ertan
  4. Delphi 10.3.2, XCode 10.3 (coincidence?) and MacOS 10.14.6 So, I was trying to update an old demo project to run with iOS 12. Last time it was successfully compiled and installed was with Tokyo and iOS 11. But today it is just giving me a really hard time with the strangest errors I never saw before (details below). So I started a minimal App to get get things rolling again, and this at least runs on the simulator, but not on my iPad. Another App, in constant development, does both perfectly fine, btw. And I already "turned it off and on again". With the new App I started from scratch, compilation is fine, but deployment results in: I found a TesterApp.app in my Macs scratch-dir so I decided to add it to my device manually, which gives me And there really is no info.plist, and no executable. It baffles me. I have no idea how to get those things into the App. Delphi should take care of that. As for the older App I'm trying to revive, compilation seems fine as well, but this is what I get when running it (F9) with Dev-Settings: Leaving me with a seemingly half finished .App file without an executable in my scratch-dir.Setting to Ad-hoc build gets even stranger messages in the IDE and still no executable: Any ideas?
  5. Colleagues! We are pleased to present an updated version of the grid component for Delphi FireMonkey - FireDataGrid 1.7. The current version contains many pieces of code that have been completely rewritten to support the current version of FireMonkey RAD Rio 10.3.2. The current version of the component is fully adapted to work on High DPI monitors. The component scaling is processed very carefully (by the pixels) and does not contain artifacts at different screen resolutions. The rendering speed has been increased, and other grid operation bugs in different modes have also been fixed. Redesigned support for FMX themes and styles, absolutely any FireMonkey themes are now supported. Improved the grid zooming feature (activated by the Cntrol +"+", Control+"-" or Control + mouse scroll wheel). Zooming now works much faster. Reworked Filter panel and Field Chooser panel. Added visual effect to them. In addition, bugs have been fixed in the implementation of the TDataSet and the Grid pairing mechanism for read-only, edit modes and in adding new entries mode. You can download the evaluation version at this link. Please send us your feedback and suggestions. All your wishes will be taken into account in further development! Below some screenshots are available: FireDataGrid 1.7 uses Transparent FireMonkey Style FireDataGrid 1.7 uses Windows 10 Modern Blue Style Sincerely, Developer Machines https://www.devmachines.com
  6. ertank

    Publishing iOS apps

    Hello, There is an app ready to be put on App Store. That app was previously deployed using another development tool that I do not know. This will be an update for that successor. However, it cannot be deployed using Application Store configuration. As far as I can tell. MacOS already have deployment certificate installed. However, that cannot be seen in Delphi Project options->Deployment-Provisioning There is no problem on deploying using development configuration on a physical iPhone at all. There is no problem on deploying on Simulator as well. None of the documentation that we read so far helped us. There is no problem viewing development certificate on same options page. Any help is appreciated. Thanks & regards, Ertan
  7. John Kouraklis


    Hi, does anyone have any experience with OrangeUI from here www.orangeui.cn? Seems a massive UI library. I wonder if is stable and can be trusted more/the same as Firemonkey?
  8. How do you all test your codebase especially those that use DUnit Testing Framework on mobile devices like Android and iOS. I still do it the old fashion way, compile the demo project with the tests and execute them on my device. while the above works, it's to say the least very stressful. Are there better ways to test my code with DUnit on mobile devices something like a DUnit GUI TestRunner for FMX? Thanks.
  9. Hi, I tried all BlueTooth examples available with 10.3 Rio on my Mac (Xcode 10.1) but none of the them, compiled to Windows or macOS, work. Each time I click the scan button to list all available BlueTooth devices, I get a dialog box stating: Error BlueTooth device not found: disconnected or turned off. My BlueTooth card on my Mac is turned on and fully functional. Can anybody here use BlueTooth functionalities with Rio 10.3 on a Mojave macOS machine with Xcode 10.1? Or do you face the same problem? Thanks for any help. Steve
  10. In Delphi VCL I can use application.processmessages to process any queued messages, including pending events such as mouse clicks. Firemonkey also has application.processmessages - but its behaviour seems different, in that it doesn't process queued mouse clicks on buttons. This means that I am unable to check to see whether a Cancel button has been clicked part way through an operation. Is this correct? (Delphi FMX Tokyo 10.2.3)
  11. I'm having difficulty saving a JPEG file in Firemonkey. Here's the code: procedure SaveImage(bmp:TBitmap; filename:string); var vOpt:TBitmapCodecSaveParams; begin vOpt.Quality:=20; //Quality setting ignored? :( bmp.SaveToFile(filename,@vOpt); end; On Windows everything seems OK, however when the program is compiled for MacOS the resulting JPEG file is not at the Quality specified. The image quality setting seems to be ignored. How do I set the JPEG output quality on MacOS? (Delphi Tokyo 10.2.3)
  12. Gnostice is pleased to announce the release of Gnostice Document Studio Delphi 19.1.2875. This version includes the Bookmarks Navigation Pane, improved document printing features, and various bug fixes for FMX and VCL Document Viewers. This version also includes fixes for Report Export Interfaces. To know more about Gnostice Document Studio Delphi, please browse to: https://bit.ly/2nKIeDl For the full release notes, please have a look at the following page: https://bit.ly/2vRt2sq To download the trial version, please browse to: https://bit.ly/2zz06Xn Please mail us at support@gnostice.com, if you have any questions. Thank you, The Gnostice DevTools Team https://www.gnostice.com
  13. FMXLinux 1.36 is available. Start building UI Linux apps with Embarcadero Delphi and FmxLinux. What's new: #172: Combobox problem on second form #196: TMediaPlayer: Volume-Changes leads to crashes More info at: https://fmxlinux.com
  14. I've always had the need to translate my apps in many languages and it's not something that's already integrated in the IDE. Or better, you can localize your VCL projects but there is no support for FMX (and thus, no support for Android/iOS). I have decided to create a component that works with VCL and FMX and can be used to localize your win/android/ios applications. Once the components has been installed in the IDE, it load a json file with all the various translations. This particular json will be created and maintained using the editor I've created. GitHub repo In the repo you can find a quick install guide, a simple tutorial and the source code. I have decided to use this approach because a .json file is easy to maintain and it's basically a text file so the file size is, in general, not a problem at all. Here's an usage example extracted from github: procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin //The 'jsonResourceId' is the Identifier of the .json file that contains the //translated strings. It has to be loaded in the IDE as resource (RCDATA) Language1.setSource('jsonResourceId'); Language1.setLanguage('Default'); end; procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); begin Language1.setLanguage('it'); //The caption is now 'casa' Label1.Caption := Language1.localize('home'); Language1.setLanguage('fr'); //The caption is now 'maison' Label1.Caption := Language1.localize('home'); end;
  15. I released update 13 of the SVG control package The package contains controls and utilities for using xml based scalable vector graphics in your Delphi applications. Includes packages and demo applications for Delphi 10.3 Rio Added support to the SVG VCL controls for DPI aware applications Updated the demo packages Bug fixes and improvements
  16. Finally ControlType of TEdit will arrive to Android apps, it will solve a lot of problems with text, specially with RTL languages. http://delphi.org/2018/11/android-z-order-native-controls-and-10-3-rio/
  17. John Kouraklis

    Debugging in Android

    Hi, I wanted to see other people's experiences with debugging in Android. How does it work for you? Actually, I've never managed to make it work . The debugger never gets connected to the right port, etc. etc. Now I've got some code that does not work and I comment/uncomment code to find the problem. There must be surely an easier way. I use a real Android tablet connected to a VM, if it matters ????
  18. Hi, I've created two new components based on TImageList and TImage in FMX. The new components load images from a directory during design and in run-time. Please have a look here: https://github.com/jkour/neImageTools Thanks
  19. Wrote up this blog post covering a sample of the client/server/openapi auto generated solution from Auto Tables for RAD Server. http://www.fmxexpress.com/auto-tables-logger-rest-client-and-rad-server-sample-for-delphi-10-2-tokyo-on-android-and-ios/
  20. Juan C.Cilleruelo

    Which type will hold better a TBCDField value?

    #Delphi, #FMX, #FireDAC. I have a DB Field defined as DECIMAL(15, 3); This produce permanent fields on my program of the type TBCDField. All of this is correct. Sometimes I need to Assign the value of one of this fields to a local or class variable. Which type do you recommend for this variable to assure I do not go to lost precision and the value is going to be near to an unaltered form?