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  1. Enumerate the members of interest and persist them. If these classes are really that simple, what is the difficulty? What are you stuck with? Using the RTTI? Or working with INI files?
  2. dummzeuch

    Can an app beat a spreadsheet?

    Excel is a nice tool for simple everyday tasks. It becomes a support nightmare once it somehow gets involved in the business procedures, because of course everybody thinks he is an expert in Excel and knows exactly how to use it and how to change stuff. Sooner or later you will end up with a monster spreadsheet that nobody can understand. As to the topic: Either people know how to use spreadsheets, then they will probably already use it for that task, or they don't, in which case they most likely will be overwhelmed when you give them anything more than a table with a few sums. Will they pay you for support? By the hour? If not, don't use Excel. You will end up either spending a lot of unpaid time for support or they will hate you, because you don't.
  3. Stano

    Free EurekaLog license drawing

    Why? You reduced my chances of winning
  4. Final version of my eBook Delphi Event-based and Asynchronous Programming has been released - 291 pages. You can find more information and purchase option at: https://dalija.prasnikar.info/delphiebap/index.html Thanks to all of you who purchased the incomplete pre-release version (179 pages) of my eBook! After a minor delay, the full version is here! You can download it through the same PDF/epub/mobi links that you have received earlier from FastSpring via email. The subject line of that email message was: "Your Delphi Event-based and Asynchronous Programming - Part I Delivery Information". If you have any problems, feel free to contact me via the contact form on my site. Thanks again! Happy Holidays to you all!
  5. dummzeuch

    remove ExplicitXxxx properties

    I just converted your code into an expert in revision #3418
  6. What is GExperts? GExperts is a plugin for the Delphi IDE that adds many enhancements and also fixes some bugs. Which Delphi versions are supported? By the time of this writing GExperts supports Delphi 6 to 10.4 (with the exception of Delphi 8). GExperts releases always support/require the latest update for each Delphi version available at the time of the release. Where can download it? There is a link to downloads for the current and older releases on https://gexperts.dummzeuch.de I found a bug, what do I do? Please file a bug report. If you happen to have already fixed this bug, please also attach a patch or an archive with the changed source files. I have a brilliant idea for an improvement. What do I do? Please file a feature request. I have added some improvement to GExperts. Where can I submit it? Please also file a feature request and attach a patch or an archive with changed source files. Why shouldn't I report bugs an request features through this forum? I prefer to work on the actual program rather than being my own secretary. Taking posts from the forum and create the bug reports / feature requests is boring and time consuming work. I don’t want to do that work. Where is the source code? See compiling your own DLL. Why is GExperts still on SourceForge rather than on Github like all the other important projects? I happen to like SubVersion better than Git. Github does not support SubVersion (apart from a bridge with limited features). What if I have a question not covered in this list? There is a more comprehensive list of frequently asked questions on my homepage Additional questions can of course be asked in the forum.
  7. EurekaLog values your opinion! You can help us make our product even better! Take our survey and be entered to win a valuable EurekaLog license plus a free 1-year of priority-support subscription. https://blog.eurekalog.com/2020/12/eurekalog-survey-2020.html Survey will end on January 31, 2021. Winners will be announced on February 1, 2021. You can take the survey only once. Duplicates will be deleted. Winners will be contacted by e-mail. What is EurekaLog? EurekaLog captures Delphi/CBuilder application exceptions, memory leaks and heap corruption. It then creates a detailed log, including a stack trace and sends it back to your development team using Email, simple files, or to your web-based bug tracking system, Your team members can open the log file in our Viewer app and then double click on a stack-trace row. Your IDE will automatically "jump" to that line of code in your app.
  8. I never understood the benefit of writing the ExplicitLeft / Top / Width / Height properties for TControl and descendants, which were added in Delphi 2007, to the dfm files. They store the control’s position and size before its Align property was set to something like alClient or alRight, so they can be restored later. That’s useful if you change these by accident or double click on the Align property to go through the possible values, but as soon as you save the form, you don’t really need them any more. Even worse, they seem to change often with no apparent reason and therefore clutter a dfm file’s diff with changes that nobody is interested in. read on in the blog post
  9. it's a 2 min copy&paste task from the link above, I can't see why would anyone reinvent the wheel just to avoid using the json library? Is it for some embedded computer?
  10. emailx45

    Delphi Code-Insight problems

    the problems is in use : "class ..." for this task! try dont use it (FOR WHILE Embarcadero dont fix it) when creating your procedure! later... put it! hug
  11. Dmitry Arefiev

    TFDMemTable.CopyDataSet multiplicates some records

    Fixed. Changes will be in 10.4 Update 2.
  12. David Heffernan

    Can an app beat a spreadsheet?

    Talk to other people and see what they want.
  13. For example the same way as registry files do
  14. Lars Fosdal

    Can an app beat a spreadsheet?

    I use Excel for my overtime balance sheet. I could have written a Delphi app, but Excel and SharePoint is very practical. I can edit the spreadsheet on the PC or on the phone on the go. I wonder, should I make another sheet to track my insomnia? 😛
  15. Anders Melander

    Can an app beat a spreadsheet?

    I worked as the lead developer for seven years at a company that pretty much made it their business to move people from Excel to "something better". https://sigmaestimates.com/
  16. Bill Meyer

    Can an app beat a spreadsheet?

    I think that Excel may be the most overused application on PCs. My observation is that it has been used, and badly, in highly repetitive tasks which would be excellent candidates for replacement by dedicated applications. A spreadsheet is great for what if operations, and for quick and dirty manipulations of data. However, once people begin inserting formulas in many cells, things rapidly go off the rails, and repetitive labor is used in lieu of intelligent design. That said, I would make exceptions for tools such as the late, lamented Lotus Improv, and its successor, Quantrix, both far better suited to well designed analyses.
  17. Edwin Yip

    smooth scaling of bitmaps

  18. emailx45

    Hints on debug and release build

    As I always try to warn: Faced with a new IDE, or even, when we are going to "port" a project to another IDE, I always advise to start the migration as follows: in the new IDE (or the desired one), create a new empty project; in this new project, add units / forms / etc ... make the necessary settings (mainly about "configs" and "types"); make the necessary tests in the new target environment; Anyway, this is not a law, but a sensible way to avoid many headaches, due to the standard differences between each IDE and target environment. Certainly, Embarcadero tries, but fails to maintain full harmony between its products as something that is de facto and necessary. But this is not a specific case of her. Many other companies go through the same obstacles.
  19. https://gexperts.dummzeuch.de has a menu "GExperts" which looks like this ... ... and links to pages that in turn have links to: https://sourceforge.net/p/gexperts/bugs/ and https://sourceforge.net/p/gexperts/feature-requests respectively. The bug report / feature request dialog in GExperts also links there. Regarding pull requests: Since this is not github, there is no such thing. If you want to contribute, post a feature request or bug report and attach a patch or, if you prefer that, an archive with the the changed sources. If you plan to contribute regularly, you can get write access to the svn reqository. @Daniel Would it be possible to make a sticky post in this forum with this information?
  20. Achim Kalwa

    remove ExplicitXxxx properties

    I know I am late to the party, but you might try the attached package for Delphi 10.4.1. It uses the hooking code from Andreas Hausladen's VclFixPack v1.4 to patch the TControl.DefineProperties method to a modified code, which does not write those Explicit* properties to the DFM file. Unpack the zip archive, open DControlsFix.dpk in Delphi 10.4.1, compile & install. There is nothing to customize. If this package is installed, the patch is active. If you like to get the default behaviour back, just uninstall the package. Use at your own risk 😉 DControlsFix.zip
  21. If there is a demand for it (there is, I guess). Just give me a few days more.
  22. Pat Foley

    If Then dilema

    If subroutines mean procedures and functions also lists arrays and what not. Marco Cantu has some free books out there. Delphi has help built in plus source. For now take a Tshape and drop it in the design window. Use the F11 key to change the Brush and Pen Properties this makes a nice card back. In code window find Shape1: TShape; Hold down the control<key>to underline TShape then cllick on it. This coding allows the Tshape to be made. Study how the paint works with pen and brush. Calendar1: TCalendar; Is another one that shows how change properties and a grid as well. You not needing to make a control now just examine the plumbing.